I mediated with Peter Noone

Peter Noone was the lead singer from the 60’s band Herman’s Hermits.
And I met Peter Noone at a local pub.
When he told me his name, I said “Hermans” Hermits” and he begins to sing “I’m Henry the eighth I am!”
How cool.

Then he began to sing some lyrics from the “Edmund Fitzgerald” something about “Chippewa falls” and Darrell says “that’s not a Hermits song!”

Peter says you’re right, but its his favorite song. Turns out, Peter says, the singer Gordon Lightfoot was a good friend of his dad’s.

Who is this guy?

He’s a machinist for a local shop and not the famed singer. I guess he gets that name confusion a lot, but he goes along with it.

It was 8 p.m. and Peter’s friend comes over to him and says it’s 8, we need to leave. Peter says he doesn’t want to.
How about another beer and he’ll leave at 8:30 ? Friend says if we don’t leave now they’ll get in trouble.

Now, I’m not sure why they’d be in trouble but I’m listening in anyway. Peter has to be at work at 8:30 the next morning and the argument went on. Peter says he’s waiting for his nurse. His nurse? Uh, Yeah.

OK, not sure what that’s all about but I’m a helper.

So I say, hey why don’t you split the difference? Have another beer but you have to leave at 8:15? I felt like Solomon and I only split the time not the baby.

“Genius,” I think I heard them thinking.

Or maybe they ordered another 2 or 3 rounds. I didn’t linger around.

Feeling good and knowing I accomplished something, I went back to finish my drink and prepared to leave. By then it was 9 and as I was walking to the door, I spotted… Peter!
…sitting at the bar!

He called out to me, thanked me again for mediating and then mentioned that he never got to meet my wife.
“Uh, what? Oh well.” I said, “But don’t you have to leave?

He smiled and said, “I’m Henry the 8th I am, Henry the 8th I am , I am. I got married to the widow next door. She’s been married 7 times before!”

OK, then.

My mediation efforts were good, but only as good as the effort put out by the parties.
In mediation, the effort is always to make the parties happy.
Peter was very happy.
I must be good.


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