I am John Jr

A name is pretty important. My name. Your name.
I’ve written about the hard times I have saying the right name.
My bride often advises me to just say “hey buddy” or simply confess, “I’m sorry, I should know your name but I’ve forgotten it.”

Right. That won’t ever happen.

When I was an elected official, I mentioned to a friend how frustrating it was for me to not remember or even know the names of people who came up to talk to me. He reassured me saying that while most people would know or at least be familiar with my name, they would understand my not remembering each person’s name. I told him I still felt it was rude. On my part.

Back to my wife’s advice. See, I think it’s totally embarrassing to ask someone I know their name. I should know it! She says back to me that it’s pretty embarrassing to call them by another name. Yes, I’ve written about that too. What’s in a name

But’s it’s different. Really is. See if I call someone by another name, it’s because in my mind I’m thinking it’s the right name. So no embarrassment. Even later when I find out I was wrong, I have a good laugh. At myself. But no embarrassment.

Nico made his confirmation yesterday. One of the parts of making your confirmation is you get to pick a Saint’s name. He picked St. Andrew. I asked him why. He said he thought it was a cool name. And it was the name of my grandfather. And the middle name of my brother. He didn’t realize that, but it made his choice more cool.

Nico’s given name is Dominico Giovanni, When he was younger he thought it would be cool to be called Nick. Or Jake. Now it’s Andrew.

My name is John Anthony. My mom named me after my Dad. My Dad had named all of my other siblings, but according to my brother Dad took one look at me and said to Mom, “Here you name him!” Not true said Mom.

When I was real young I thought it would be cool if my name was Michael.
But it’s not.

I have my father’s name. And I wouldn’t want it changed.
Today would have been his 92nd birthday.

I often think how he would look at things in my life. Am I doing OK? Would he approve?
Just last year I was with my daughter Sara and one of her car tires was making a loud noise.
I wondered what advice Dad would give me when I called him to ask. Then I remembered.

He’s been gone almost five years, while I miss him terribly, at times I think he’s never left.

Happy Birthday Pops!


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