Help me, I suffer from…… CA (Closure Anxiety)!

Closure anxiety, it’s real. And it happens… a lot.

And I don’t think it happens only to those who negotiate contracts.

What is it?
It’s the inability to close the deal. One side, or both, freeze up.
Really freeze up, no movement. No one wants to settle…anything.

CA is serious. There should be a telethon raising funds and awareness.
But until that happens, it’s up to this blog to make you aware.

How does this happen?
In many ways.

Maybe I’m not be sure about ending the negotiations just yet.

Or maybe I’ve forgotten something,
Or more likely, I’m not sure IF I forgot something so I’ll slow the process down.
Or I’m afraid I’m not getting the best deal possible.
Or my team won’t be happy with the final result.
Or I need to re-check with my principals and get their final OK.
OR I just can’t pull the Trigger!!!!

Bottom line, I’ve got CA and I’m a wreck!

I once negotiated with a particular union representative over a number of contracts. At least twenty. And towards the end, the routine was always the same. After identifying his goals or needs, and answering them, I would ready the teams (mine and his) for final resolution. And every time he would start to get anxious. He would throw out new proposals or new demands. Or new objections to problems we had already addressed. And he was a very experienced negotiator, until the end.

He was the poster child for CA.

Why would he do this?
Well, it really didn’t matter why, what was important is that I needed to recognize it and address his now new concerns.

Now this doesn’t always mean I had to give up something to him. But it did mean I had to reassure him he was getting a good deal, that I had addressed his stated concerns. Coax him to the finish line.

And it’s happened to me as well. I once suffered from it big time during one contract negotiation after I made a huge mistake during a previous contract negotiation. I was afraid to move forward.

And there have been other times too.

So, is closure anxiety really just being super cautious?

No, CA prevents the sides from finishing.
It’s like being on a ledge, stuck and not being able to come down. You’re afraid to move – don’t want to jump and don’t know how to get back inside. You have to be coaxed back to safety.

The best way I’ve been able to avoid this is to be prepared.
Always prepared: Prepared to begin negotiations; Prepared for each day of the negotiations and finally; Prepared to finish the negotiations.

And that brings us to this final Rule. I told you there were 10.

Rule #10 is this: Stay Away from CA!

Check out this video link and listen to this long version of Marvin Gay telling you this…

got to give it up….

He’s got to be referring to CA …of some sort…..

Parts 1 & 2.

Am So Relaxed Now.
peace out