Mixed Messages: part due (Italia) 2 for everyone else

The other day I wrote about mixed messages.
You know, the ones everyone gets.

I heard from friends who asked:

Are you OK?
Are you not happy at your job?
Are you writing about your co-workers?
Were you writing about your wife’s job?
Is she not happy with her employer?
Are you depressed?
Why are you singling me out?
Do you need some company?

OK maybe not the last one.

But my answer was No, to all of the above.

Mixed messages are all around us.

If I was misunderstood, or if you didn’t understand my post, then it’s on me.

Mixed signals, mixed messages: they happen all the time.
All day, every day.

The point is to know is this:
They happen.
Not just to me. Or you. To all of us.

Yes, you may be told one thing one day, another thing tomorrow.
This especially happens if your boss is new.
Whenever I negotiate I always tell the other side , I have to check with my principals.
In other words my boss. My principals are my boss. The ones who are giving me direction.

I negotiate to gain an advantage for my side. Or to stop the other side from gaining an advantage.
My principals tell me what to get. Or what to stop.

Back to mixed messages. Sometimes I get conflicting directives. Sometimes daily.
Does it get frustrating? Yes. Sometimes very.

The key here is to – not get upset! Expect them!

Whenever I get them, I try to remember the 2 possible reasons for them.
(You’re going to thank me when I tell you how simple this is. Really. Simple.:)

There are only 2 possible explanations and they apply to each and every situation involving mixed messages.

Here they are:
1. Your principal is way smarter than you. Way Smarter.
They know more about the bigger picture than you do.
They actually do have all the answers.


2. They don’t know sh*t. About anything.

Yes, it’s that simple.
Your course of action is exactly the same with both.

They are your boss.
You follow their directives.
Today, and again tomorrow.

Of course I would also recommend you offer your advice, your counsel. Gently though.

If you’re proven wrong, well it means your principal was right. See number 1 above.
If you’re right, well see number 2 and know that you did offer your advice.

And if I confused anyone with my previous post, all (my) apologies…

Remember Reaching Resolutions Rule # 1 (and 2)?
Don’t take it personally.


Check the vid link below…