A Bodhi Smile

A couple of months ago I wrote about Nico. And about me getting a 2nd chance at seeing life through a child’s eyes.
The chance to relearn what’s truly important in life. I figured I can relearn looking to my grand kids. They’re teaching me a lot.
Last week I got to spend a couple of hours with my youngest grandson, Bodhi.

I was in his town to give a presentation on Reaching Resolutions at a seminar. I was scheduled for the last day and at 8 a.m. too. My talk was only 2 hours or so and after I went to an agency’s office to discuss some business regarding a contract I had negotiated.
I thought it would be great to meet my daughter Sara and Bodhi, maybe even have lunch.

So I did. Turns out Bodhi had been sick the day before and left his day care early. That morning he visited the Dr and apparently was the life of the party. Sara said he was laughing and acting silly showing none of the symptoms he had the night before.
You should also know, he’s all of 15 months and can light up any room with his smile.

He was napping when I came over so Sara and I got caught up with everyday life events. And then we heard it, the Bodhster began to cry out. We heard it on the monitor, Sara went to turn it off and then brought him upstairs to see me.
He gave me the look like “Who the hell are you and what are doing here?” I assumed it was because he was sick… and tired… from just having woken up.

And then, there it was. Like the sun behind clouds, it broke out! That smile! That Bodhi smile. Blond, blue eyed, double dimpled cheeks, how could anyone not smile back?

At 15 months, he doesn’t say a lot. but he sure can communicate. He’s learning sign language and taught me how to ask and get a cookie from his mother. They were good. That Bodhi know his cookies.

He played a game at lunch too. It’s pretty simple (he is only 15 months old) and consists of taking whatever toy you give him; car, airplane, or even a spoon and holding it, looking a you with a sparkle in his eyes and then throwing it on the floor. Then flashing that smile knowing you’re going to pick it up and the process then repeats itself. Adding a little spice to the game I swear he was trying to hit the waiter who kept running by our table. Almost nailed him too.

One of my goals this year is to reach a state where I’m happy. Not to say I haven’t been its just that I realized I wanted to make a more conscious effort to attain that state of happiness. To appreciate life more. There have been times, periods of time when I haven’t been happy. When all about seems dark and grim.

When I’ve found myself in those times, I’ve sometimes wondered how I can ever get out.
Fortunately I’ve learned that all things eventually will pass.

Rather than waiting doing nothing, Bodhi reminded me how to jump start the change.
It can all begin with a simple step, …a smile.
A real life Bodhi smile.
Thanks Bodhi bear.

Now I know, i smile!

Love, Nanu

Check out the video link below and
know you look better when you SMILE!