Reading “Reaching Resolutions” will make you a better Bocce player

I’ve been posting about Reaching resolutions. I even (shameless plug) wrote a book about it. Reaching Resolutions 10 Rules for Success.

I believe you can apply the 10 Rules for Success to reaching, well, just about anything you choose.

Even Bocce!

How do you play bocce! This game is easy. You play with one or more players on your side. Each side throws 4 balls trying to get as close to a smaller white ball called the pallino. You get a point for each of your side’s balls that are closest to the pallino after everyone has thrown. It’s that easy.

Let’s take a look at the Rules for Success and their application to the game.
Not sure you can see the similarities? You will.

Rule # 1 in the book, Don’t take it personally! It’s true, every time I get serious or angry because I’m being trashed talked by a 74 year old woman I tend to lose my focus. And then I can’t throw straight.
Or like when my bride tries to tell me where to throw the ball and I don’t listen because I’ve played longer than she has, in my anger I usually miss the shot and then I stay mad.

Rule #3 in the book is Know the language! It’s true here too.
Bocce is an Italian game. That’s pronounced italian (accent on the “it”) NOT Eyetalian.
Also, bocce is not pronounced Baachee. The “o” is a long “o”. It is not pronounced “ahh.”
I’m aware that some Eyetalians around America pronounce it incorrectly. They are wrong.
How do I know?

Well. The Italian word for kiss is baci and yes it’s pronounce baachee. And when you say “Hey, lets play bocce ball!” If you say it the wrong way you literally are saying “Hey, let’s play kiss (mine or your) balls!”
That is a different game.

Rule #5 is Know what you want. That’s easy you want to score 12 points and win.

Rule #8 is also easy. What do they want? To score 12 points before you do.

What about your team?
Rule #6 asks Who’s on your side? You absolutely must know this.
I play with my wife. I always know who’s on my side.

I once asked her why she was playing the short game when we both knew our strength was playing the long game. She told me it was because the other side didn’t know we couldn’t play the short game. Apparently, it wasn’t yet readily apparent.
I stopped to think about that. And although I tried to find a comeback, I couldn’t.
That’s bocce logic.

Reaching resolutions in negotiating you have to learn to be social, bocce requires you to be sociable as well.
You are required to talk to the other team!

And like the Rules in the book, Bocce is meant to be savored.
Like drinking a class of red wine.
I do that too.



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