a thank you is in order*

Another year. Last year I resolved to be happy. Not because I wasn’t happy, I just decided I needed to focus more on being. Plus I thought if I was happier, then maybe good things would happen, too.

This year I want to focus on a few other things. You see I believe if I’m to reach my resolutions I need to be prepared. And to be prepared I need to focus on a few areas. So here goes:

I’m going to continue adapting what James Altucher calls his daily practice. Each day I intend to spend some time in 4 key health areas – physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.

Physical – doing some type of physical exercise daily;
Spiritual – reading, contemplating, meditating on spiritual matters;
Mental – writing daily (ideas, thoughts, blogging, etc) This will help exercise my creative side.
Emotional – being at peace, avoiding negative people, be forgiving, being grateful.

The first 3 areas will be easy for me. I do them already. This last one will be tough. It’s too easy to get upset about, well, just about anything. I know that when I negotiate, whichever side is easily angered usually loses. It’s harder to apply that logic to my personal life.

So this year I going to focus on the 4th area – Emotional health. I going to begin with something I learned last year from Wilder. My grandson. He’s three. After dinner one night, his mom asked him what he was grateful for and he thought and said, “I’m grateful for pigs.” Now I didn’t question him as to why pigs crossed his mind. It didn’t matter. At that precise moment in a 3 year old’s mind “Pigs” was what he was most thankful for.

And so, everyday I want to think about all the areas in my life for which I am thankful.
I tend to get anxious at times thinking about all I don’t have at the moment, it’s time I start thinking about how much I do have now.

Altucher also wrote if you want more in your life, be grateful. Grateful = Abundance. You can’t be grateful for something you don’t already have. Makes sense to me.

So there it is. This year I’m going to practice abundance. If gratefulness equals abundance, I just have to be more grateful.

I’m thankful for all the people in my life – family and friends.
And I am very grateful you took the time to read this post.


And I’m very grateful for Miechelle..
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