Let’s Change the World!

Some time ago I wrote about how I wanted to change the world.
To change the world and help people.
So I ran for public office. A small one.
And I won. I was on my way.

In 2 years I was elected the Chairman of the Winnebago County Board. Pretty heady stuff for a 30 year old.
I began to take myself pretty seriously, too. Didn’t everyone know I was doing the public’s work?

After a few years though, I began to see this wasn’t how I thought changing the world would be like.
The realization began to sink in that maybe I really hadn’t made much of a difference.

Instead, after 16 years as a politician, I discovered that it was me, not the world, that had changed.
And not always for the better.

During my last year in pubic office, my youngest daughter had a beautiful baby boy, Dominico.
My first grandson. And that blessed event did change my whole world!
Nico taught me what was truly important in life – in my life.

And that was the beginning. Or rather my new beginning.

Around that time, I also started playing bocce in a league.
Soon the idea hit, why not hold a Bocce play-day for charity? Great idea!

Well, what charity should we give to?
Why not start our own charity?
We can help kids and families in need.
And so we did. The Helping Kids and Families Fund was created!
And 10 years later, we’re still going strong.

I’m not sharing this to pat myself on the back. Nor am I looking for praise or applause.
I didn’t do anything hundreds of others haven’t already done. And I didn’t do it by myself either.
Many others, especially the other 9 members on our Board, worked and helped make the organization succeed far beyond my expectations.

I shared this because after foolishly thinking I could change the world as a politician I ended up by only changing myself. And I wasn’t happy with the result.

Why did I start a charity?
To help myself.
And as a result, we’ve helped others in need. Our Bocce event has provided a way, together with our other fundraising efforts, to distribute close to $40,000 for kids and families in need.

While we haven’t eliminated suffering I’d like to think we’ve helped made living a bit easier for kids.
And their families too.

So I’d like to ask you.
Would you like to change the world?
Here’s one way.

Our Annual Bocce Tournament is this Saturday, June 20th at the St. Ambrogio Society Bocce Courts in Rockford, IL.
You can also check out our website helpingkidsandfamiliesfund.org and make a donation via Pay Pal.

Or if you’d rather, help out a local charity instead.
Either way you’ll be making a difference.

Let’s change the World!


Check out the vid link below.
Be inspired.
Change the world.