Still not needy! What?

OK, My last post really did generate a lot of comments, reads and laughs.
Ha Ha! Joke’s on me!

I laugh. A lot. Doesn’t mean I’m not also serious, it’s just that I use laughter as a release. A release from non laughing people.

I started out by writing about playing a trick/joke on another friend.
Except it blew up on me.
Suddenly I was referred to as being “needy”

I say again, “What?” How did this turn back on me?

I am not needy.

My brother and I often talk and reminiscence about our dad. We would often laugh that he (our dad) had a lot of quirks or goofy things he would say or do. In mock seriousness we feel sorry for our kids over the fact that our kids would never have that same experience. Neither of us have any quirks!

Until the responses from that last post.

Where I mentioned that someone who obviously doesn’t know me well opined that I was “needy!”
Then like an avalanche everyone else poured on. My wife first – “yes you are” to my daughter Niki – “Well I think our society makes needing others and expressing emotions a bad thing. But it is only a natural emotion for humans.” Don’t deny it – Haven’t you heard of that river? In Egypt? De-nile?


I admit I don’t like being alone. Probably most others don’t either though they won’t admit it. My kids all rush to “take care” of me when Miechelle leaves on a trip. Yes they do. I usually get a call asking if I’m OK and if I’m eating. And then we go out to a restaurant. Just last Saturday, CJ called and asked, “Uh, Dad, is Mom gone this weekend or the next one?”

And then the co-workers. Co workers thinking they could simply pile on and mention also , gasp, that I complain?

Just for good measure – I don’t complain! At least not often.
And to be sure, in my defense, what may seem to be a complaint is probably me just trying to be funny.
So go with it.

And to Darrell, Or Danny, Colleen, Brandon or even Captain Jack, or anyone else brave enough to offer an opinion: Save it! I am not needy!

Yes, I do not like to be left alone. And I may not like to go to chain restaurants. Or decide where to go to eat. But this response is entirely normal.

I guess I can finally say this now.
I think I may have finally discovered a…quirk. In me!


Maybe I need new staff members! Or new friends!
I am so not needy. Nor a complainer!

Coady, Amber, Patrick and Lora – you guys rock!


You’ll need to see the vid link. Not me, I don’t need anything,

I’m spit balling here but…
“first we’re stuck in a blender and now we’re saving lives!