Today, I’m thankful for turkey….

Yes today I am.
See, last year I didn’t get any turkey. I love turkey. But no, last year none at all.
Where did I go wrong?

(I apologize in advance to all my family and friends who have heard me all last year “mention” the fact that “I didn’t get any turkey dinner at all!”)

This is how it went down:

I went to see my mother in law at her apartment complex. We had a nice visit but no food. Then I went to see my daughter Candice and her family. Had a great time but no turkey. She didn’t serve turkey because after our meal she and the family were going to visit her mother in law and family. She was going to have turkey there.

At that time I still was not worried because then I was going to see my mom and brother.
My mom. She would take care of me.

Turkey for sure I thought, except they had ham. When my mom made the decision to have ham (she doesn’t like turkey) she had told my brother “Candice will take care of her father (me) by having turkey so let’s have ham this year.”


It wasn’t until a few weeks ago, I was talking to Candice and then found out she didn’t have turkey either last year after all!
No her in-laws had …ham.

So we agreed we would have turkey this year! She loves it too.

My problem solved. But wait, it gets better!

My mother in law, Jean, when I visit today she wants to have a turkey dinner with me!
Right before I go to Candice’s and have.yes..more turkey!

I told my mom that too. And guess what she’s having this year? Ham…and a turkey too!

I cannot believe my good fortune.
Must be living right too.
Living the dream…
Will have to pace myself though, but I can do it.

And to be completely honest, yesterday was hair day – my mom’s – so when I brought her back home – my brother had already baked today’s turkey yesterday! Awesome, a day ahead!

So he offered to give me a sample! And yes I ate it! (Sorry to the other family members who’ll see an almost half eaten carcass. Snoozers are losers or something like that.)

I am thankful for turkey!
Oh, and did I mention I am thankful for my family, too!

Happy Thanksgiving!


And now the perfect holiday song..
click video link below…